Belize International Friendly Game's Report 
January 1 - 8, 2013 


Caye Caulker  taxiride 


In Belize City, Omega Select U18G team cruised to a 5-0 victory over the Belize Women's Open Select Team.


Field: Belize City Stadium

6:00 pm Belize City Women's Open Select Team vs Omega Select U18G (0 - 5)

Omega Select formation: 4-3-3

Gustafson (NC State) - Van Dyck (13) - Woznuk (13) - Morse (14) - Amthor (15) - Dagrizikos (13) - Farella (14) - Furze (13) - Esperance (13) - Moriarty (15) - Potter (14)

Goals: Esperance (2G, A); Dagrizikos (G, A); Lopez (G) Gustafson (G, A); Van Dyck(A); Farella (A)

Half: Omega Select U18G (1 - 0)

Under the Raging Rain Omega Select Thunderstorm

The two hour ride inside of the packed mini-van from San Ignacio to Belize City seemed to have little effect on the Omega Select players. However, they needed to figure out how to perform on the poor field conditions that included mud and scattered pools of standing water. Right from the opening minute, they stormed the Belize City side by attacking relentlessly both flanks of their defense to create many scoring opportunities. Eighteen year old attacking midfielder, Estelle Esperance, the oldest player on the Omega Select squad and fifteen year old right forward Kylee Moriarty were too quick and too fast for their direct opponent on the Belize side. Time after time they kept beating the Belize City left defender to see their crosses stopped by the sitting water around the box or to see their shots on goal saved by the Belize City keeper, who was brilliant during the entire game. Not discourage by their missed opportunities and torrential downpours of rain, the young Omega Select squad increased their tempo to apply even more pressure on a Belize City select team who were already overwhelmed. The lateral defenders, especially Sarah Morse on the left side, started to create many overlapping runs into Belize City territory. Consequently, fifteen minutes before the break, Esperance gave the (1-0) lead to Omega. She took a pass from an overlapping Morse just outside of the Belize City 18, then, dribbled around two Belize defenders to calmly slide the ball past the Belizean keeper, who could only watch the ball rolling slowly inside of the right corner of the net. First half finished (1-0) for Omega Select.

Omega Select began the second half with a new style of play coming out in a 4-2-4 formation. 5'9" Karly Gustafson was now playing as a deep center forward and Esperance moved up from her attacking midfield position to a supporting center forward role. Omega Players started to play less short passes on the ground and more direct balls to their center forwards.Then the Omega Select thunderstorm arrived. It was only five minutes into the new half when Gustafson made the score (2-0) in favor of Omega Select. She put away a great diagonal ball from central defender Garnet Van Dyck that sent her on a breakaway against the Belize keeper. Two minutes later, Esperance made it (3-0), her weak shot from close range found the back of the net after a long shot from holding midfielder Farella was deflected to her feet. Forcing the action in the midfield at the fifty-eighth minute, Sia Dagrizikos scored the greatest goal of the game. Her left foot strike rocketed clean through the left upper 90 to slam the roof of the net and gave a (4-0) advantage to Omega Select. Following their fourth goal, the Omega select team made three substitutions that quickly paid off. Right forward Isabel Lopez, a Belize native, scored two minutes after entering the game. She took the ball away from the Belize City left defender near the edge of the penalty area, then, quickly blasted the ball with her right foot to the left upper corner of the net. Score final 5-0 in favor of the young Omega Select side.


In Dangriga, Omega Select Cruised to a 3-0 victory over Dangriga Women's Select


Field: Norman Broaster Stadium

6:00 pm Dangriga Women's Select Team vs Omega Select U18G (0 - 3)

Omega 4-3-3

Gustafson (NC State) - Van Dyck (13) - Woznuk (13) - Morse (14) - Amthor (15) - Dagrizikos (13) - Farella (14) - Furze (13) - Esperance (13) - Moriarty (15) - Potter (14)

Goals: Gustafson (2G); Esperance (1G, 1A); Potter (2A)

Half: Omega Select U18G (1 - 0)

In front of a very animated crowd and under a heavy rain, Omega Select registered an easy victory against a very tough Dangriga team. We would like to say Thank You to Dangriga's officials (staff, players, managers and the crowd) for their warm welcome. Score final: Omega Select U18G (3-0). Gustafson (2G) and Esperance (1G).



Proud and motivated San Igancio Women's Select Team tied Omega Select U18G (2-2)


Field: Norman Broaster Stadium

6:00 pm San Ignacio Open Select Team vs Omega Select U18G (2 - 2 )

Omega 4-3-3

Gustafson (NC State) - Van Dyck (13) - Woznuk (13) - Morse (14) - Amthor (15) - Dagrizikos (13) - Farella (14) - Furze (13) - Esperance (13) - Moriarty (15) - Potter (14)

Goals: Farella (G, A); Esperance (G, A); Woznuz (A)

Half: (1 - 1)

 A player's perspective:

Our third game in Belize was played at 7:00 PM at Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio. It was merely a three minute walking distance from the cabins that we were staying in. The fan base was the biggest we had seen so far as we were playing San Ignacio's hometown team in their home stadium. The weather, once again, was not in our favor. Rain was pouring down and flooding the soccer field, but it didn't matter because we were well practiced in combating the conditions. By the time warm-up was complete our white Omega Select jerseys were brown with mud. The referee called both teams in to march to center, wave at the spectators, and shake hands. We jogged back to our bench to do our cheer, "Omega on three, one-two-three, OMEGA!" and ran onto the field for kick-off. The ref blew the whistle to start the game and both teams came out playing hard. Possession was roughly even for the first half of the game, and when half-time hit the score was tied at 1-1 with Frances Farella scoring the goal for our team. When half-time was up both teams went back onto the field and started up playing again, this time Omega seemed to have more possession of the ball as we had calmed down and were able to control and pass the ball much easier, leading to a second goal for us scored by Estelle Esperance. We were able to keep this lead for the majority of the half but as soon as time neared closer to the end of the game, San Ignacio showed their resolve and pushed towards our net. They put lots of players in our half and started dumping long balls into our box. One of these long balls caused a big scramble between two of our players and one of San Ignacio's forwards. San Ignacio's player fell and was rewarded with a penalty kick in our box which they were able to capitalize on and tied up the score for a second time to 2-2. The referee blew his whistle to end the game and the San Ignacio team cheered and celebrated while our team looked a little dejected. Both teams shook hands, said good game, and walked back to their respective benches on tired legs. Our Omega coach Gaspard D'Alexis said a few words of encouragement and told us how well we'd done on this trip and said he was looking forward to the next one. We headed back to our cabins and promptly showered to rid ourselves of the caked on mud. We then ate our dinner and headed off to bed looking forward to our last final days in Belize which we would be spending on Caye Caulker Island.


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