Residency Programs

The accommodations and amenities available to our athletes are like an extensive family home-away-from-home experience. However, each student-athlete is responsible for his daily meals. At the end of the training, athletes can use the entire kitchen to cook meals or relax while watching a professional game or one of the team's recent games. Daily training sessions are from 8:00 am to 9:30 am and 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Mon - Thu, one session Fri.



Fort Pierce, Florida: It is located on the Indian River Lagoon and has one of the best all-weather inlets in Florida. Our campus is back to the Savannas Preserve in a very safe neighborhood, 12 minutes away from the beaches and 45 minutes from West Palm Beach Airport. Many professional teams are within a 2.5-hour distance. Among them are MLS giants Inter Miami Orlando City, two USL Championship teams, one USL League One team, and many NPSL and USL teams.

The Accommodations & Amenities

• Free WiFi and Cable TV.
• Transport to/from practices.
• Pick-up to/from Assigned Airport.
• Transport to/from league games.
• Transport for shopping or recreational events.
• Training Gear.
• League fees. What we do for student-athletes • Identify colleges that meet student athletes' academic priorities and level of play.
• Student-athletes and Parents receive educated information on the recruiting process and a realistic analysis of the university division to which the student-athletes can realistically expect to be recruited.
• Match student-athletes with programs or coaches who can help them progress or play at the next level.
• Guidance on maximizing student-athletes' chances of getting athletic scholarship money from schools or a NIL contract.
• Sending video materials or in-depth scouting reports to collegiate, Regional, and National coaches when necessary.

What we do for young pro players

• Find the primary position that better fits the individual's technical and physical qualities.
• Specific training for the individual primary and secondary positions.
• Specific playing of each individual at his positions during league games.
• Providing, when ready, professional tryouts.
• Linking the individual to a qualified agent if needed.
• Help navigate paper filing to enter the country where tryouts will be held.

Residency Programs Length and Calendar

1) Gap Year, June-June: (After completing high school before starting the college journey, your focus is 100% on daily training to grow physically, mentally, and technically.)

2) Three months, May-July: (Total focus on intense weakness improvement training every day before returning to dominate in school: high school or college.)

3) One Week (any 7 Days): (The intense training sessions pinpoint the individual's areas for improvement.) 4) A weekend of Private Training, Friday - Monday

5) Holidays Training (Use your Holidays to get ahead or catch up> Advanced notice is required)