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"Have Some Peace of Mind"

Omega Select pledges to uphold honesty and integrity in all its dealings. It is expected that all members treat one another with the highest level of respect, embodying the principle of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."



1. Assist student-athletes and their parents in navigating regulations set by the NCAA (DI, DII, & DIII), NAIA, junior colleges, and boarding schools.

2. Aid in identifying colleges that match student-athletes' preferences for playtime and academic success. For example, should a student-athlete choose a prestigious DI school with limited initial playtime, or a school that offers significant early contributions to a team?

3. Provide student-athletes and their parents with knowledgeable insights into the recruiting process and a realistic assessment of the divisions where they are most likely to be recruited.

4. Connect student-athletes with programs or coaches that can support their progression or opportunities to play at higher levels, such as on national teams.

5. Offer guidance on maximizing opportunities for athletic or academic scholarships from educational institutions.

6. Share videos or comprehensive scouting reports with college, regional, and national coaches when necessary.

7. Facilitate connections between student-athletes and international colleges if applicable.

8. Organize camps and clinics that significantly improve student-athletes' chances of impressing recruiters with their skills.

9. Oversee and regularly update student-athletes' online profiles.



About Us

Omega Select is committed to providing maximum exposure of Student-Athletes, regardless their location, to college coaches and National Recruiters. We do so by inviting players to play with Omega Select teams in Top-Level College Showcase Tournaments in North America. We also organize International matches and International Showcase Camps where talented and dedicated players can showcase and learn how to better showcase their talent with and against their best National and International counterparts.

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