Welcome to Omega Select!

The college recruiting process is very time consuming. So, we have designed the website www.omegaselectonline.com. The site will improve drastically direct communication between Omega Select student-athletes, who have the talent and the commitment to play soccer in college, and college coaches.

On our new website, college coaches can now find more relevant information regarding specific student-athletes they have scouted in different college showcase. Next, coaches can see online which student-athletes are interested in their school programs. Finally, college coaches can search through these student-athletes to find the ones who would match their program.

Through our completely free system for college coaches, we promote college programs to all Omega Select student-athletes. Furthermore, college coaches can browse through student-athletes profiles. Also they may receive personalized emails from those who have put their program among top choices.

Thus, Omegaselectonline.com would allow college coaches to follow their athletes safely and efficiently.